Peristiwa Nakhlah (3)

Satu lagi catatan berkaitan peristiwa Nakhlah turut terdapat dari sumber berikut – voi. Artikel ini dipetik dari satu tulisan berkaitan hujah perbicaraan di mahkamah. Tidak dapat pula dipastikan apakah latar belakang kes yang berkenaan. 

Bloodshed in the Sacred Months justified: An expedition which the Prophet had sent to Nakhla was successful in obtaining some plunder, after the earlier ones he had sent elsewhere had failed in this respect.  But the leader of this expedition which was mounted in the Sacred Month of Rajab killed a man from Medina, which was a serious violation of the ancient Arab tradition that no blood was to be shed in the four Sacred Months of which Rajab was the last.  The incident invited not only strong comments from Arab Pagans everywhere but also murmurs of disapproval from the Muslims in Medina.  The Prophet kept quiet for some time.  But he had a justification up his sleeve.  Allah confirmed his prophet’s reasoning in a “revelation” (2.217) so that the plunder could be distributed among the Muslims and their murmurs silenced. 

Sebuah signage di Masjid Ammar

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