Buku Voices of Islam (Vol 3)

Buku”Voices of Islam” merupakan sebuah buku yang mengumpulkan artikel yang ditulis oleh pengkaji dari beberapa insitutusi khususnya di Barat. Voices of Islam diterbitkan dalam lima volume. Setiap volume dengan tema seperti berikut;

Vol 1:

Vol 2:

Vol 3: Voices of life – Familiy, Home, and Society

Vol 4: Voices of Art, Beauty and Science

Vol 5: Voices of Change

Kandungan buku Vol 3 adalah;

1. The fabric of Muslim daily life (Susan L Douglass)

2. Islam, culture and women in a Bangladesh village (Sarwar Alam)

3. Marriage in Islam (Nargis Virani)

4. The spiritual significance of marriage in Islam (Jane Fatima Casewit)

5. Respect for the mother in Islam (Aliah Schleifer)

6. Pregnanvy and childbirth in Islam (Aliah Schleifer)

7. The birth of Aliya Maryam (Seemi Bushra Ghazi)

8. Even at night the sun is there: Illness as a blessing from God (Virginia Gray Henry-Blakemore)

9. Caring for the ill in Islam (Kristin Zahra Sands)

10. The miracle of pain (Danial Abdal-Hayy Moore)

11. Death and burial in Islam (Rkia Elaroui Conell)

12. Reflections on death and loss (Feisal Abdul Rauf)

13. Die before you die (Danial Abdal-Hayy Moore)

14. Sufi Foundations of the Ethics of Social Life in Islam (Kenneth Lee Honerkamp)

15. Islam and business (Abdulkader Thomas) 

Masjid Nemezis, Lithuania

(Sumber – chain)

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