Buku Voices of Islam (Vol 4)

Buku Voices of Islam – Vol 4 – adalah bertema Voices of Art, Beauty, and Science. Kandungan Vol 4 memuatkan artikel berikut;

1. Islamic Art (Frithjof Schuon)

2. The foundationof Islamics art (Titus Burckhardt)

3. The common language of Islamicart (Titus Burckhardt)

4. The art and ambience of Islamic dress (Frithjof Schuon)

5. The question of images (Titus Burckhardt)

6. The art of Qur’an calligraphy (Martin Ling)

7. The art of Qur’an illumination (Martin Ling)

8. Art and liturgy (Titus Burckhardt)

9. Music and spirituality in Islam (Jean-Louis Michon)

10. Regaining the center: Garden and thresholds (Virgina Gray Henry-Blakemore)

11. The Islamic garden: History, symbolism, and the Qur’an (Emma C Clarke)

12. The Qur’anic symbolism of water (Martin Ling)

13. Islamic literatures: Writing in the shade of the Qur’an (Shawkat M Toorawa)

14. Moths and scattered flames: Some thoughts on Islam and poetry (Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore)

15. Medicine and healing in traditional Islam (Laleh Bakhtiar)

Nota: kepada sesiapa yang ingin mendapatkan artikel di atas boleh berhubung dengan email. 

Masjid Bihac, Bosnia (asalnya sebuah gereja)

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