Kronologi Pemerintah Mesir (4)

Kini lihat pula senarai pemerintah Mesir kuno ketika tiga zaman penghujung. Zaman terakhir tersebut dinamakan Third Intermediate Period, Late Period, dan Ptolemaic Period.

Third Intermediate Period (c.1069 – c.747)

Twenty-First to Twenty Fourth Dyanasties – North ruled by kings from Delta; South governed by High Priests from Thebes and local rulers.

Late Period (c.747 – 332)

Twenty-Fifth Dynasty (c.747-656) – Kushite Dynasty, Assyrian conquest, Assyrian destruction of Thebes.

Twenty-Sixth Dynasty (c.664-525) – Saite Dynasty

Twenty-Seventh Dynasty to Thirtieth Dyansties (c.525-332) – Persian conquest

Late Egyptian Dynasty (c.380-343) – Conquest of Alexander

Ptolemaic Period (c.332 – 30)

Ptolemy I; Defeat of Antony and Cleopatra

– – – – –

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