Tesis Terkini Islam

Beberapa tesis terkini dengan topik berkaitan Islam telah tersimpan di Proquest. Antara topik tesis tersebut adalah; 

1. Genealogies of Feminism: Leftist Feminist subjectivity in the wake of Islamic revival in contemporary Morocco – Nadia Guessous, Columbia University, 2011.

2. God’s law of state’s law: Authority and Islamic family law reform in Bahrain – Sandy Russell Jones, Uof Pennsylvania, 2010.

3. Democratization of Islamist movements in Egypt and Morocco: Political opportunites, organizational frameworks, and the ideological marketplace – Ashraf Nabih El-Sharif, Boston University, 2011.

4. On the path through the Shadow Empire: The Khazar Nomads at the North-Western frontier of Iran and the Islamic Caliphate – Irina Lita Shingiray,  Boston University, 2011.

5. Faith-based arbitration in Canada: The Ontario Sharia debates – Maryam F Razavy, U of Alberta, 2010.

Gate masuk ke Masjid Jamia, HK

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Proquest 21002

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